Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Week 3 CFL Picks, Technical Difficulties Be Damned

Maybe it was a sign from above (above as in North, like, in Canada), but a week after going 1-3, our attempts to post our Week 3 picks on our modest blogger site were foiled by some technical glitch that we somehow caused by tinkering with our site layout.

So the site stays the same for now, and we're hoping that the results of our picks don't.

For those loyal followers of the blog, these technical difficulties may have caused you to miss our first two picks of the week. Which is why you should also follow us on Twitter, should this kind of disaster happen again.If you did miss them, our first two picks this week were:
We had all kinds of things to say about the Argos, and how they couldn't possibly let us down again, but alas, we can have the same conversation next week. We split the picks above, with Toronto's loss and Calgary's win, so you didn't miss much if you did in fact miss them.

As for the remaining games:

Hamilton -5 1/2 over Winnipeg 
The Ti-Cats are looking for their first win, and it's generally no fun betting on a winless team has a 5 1/2 point favorite, but we think they're good enough for a touchdown win at home against Winnipeg, with whom we are not impressed. A couple of underwhelming games, even in victory, over Montreal, in addition to our preconceived notion that they suck, has us all in on anybody playing against them early in this season. Time for old Henry Burris to get his Ti-Cats off the schneid and in the thick of things this year. 

British Columbia -3 1/2 over Edmonton
Wrestled quite a bit with this one, because we're not sure B.C. is going to be the team we thought they were going to be just yet. It still feels like they need time to gel. Meanwhile, Mike Reilly and the Esks had a big week last week, though they did have the advantage of playing three preseason games to get ready for the contest. What's that? That third game was Week 1? Yikes. That blowout loss still fresh on our minds, we're reluctantly going with the Lions.

Last Week: 1-3
Overall: 3-5