Friday, February 8, 2013

A Look at the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Odds As March Madness Nears

The Super Bowl is over, and it feels like life is over just the same. Fortunately, there are a few ways to snap out of the post-football depression, one of which is college basketball.

Did you know that it's February already? And that March comes next? And do you know what happens in March?


Oh, and a basketball tournament. With the way No. 1 teams have been dropping from the rankings, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see a 16-seed upset a No. 1 for the first time ever. Considering this is our first college basketball related post all year, you'd be better served getting your college basketball fix over at, and, while you're at it, placing a few wagers on this year's tournament over at their NCAA March Madness betting site.

But we figure we're at least competent enough to take a look at the odds to win the 2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament, in a year that is most certainly up in there. See below for the odds to win the NCAA tournament, excluding those with odds of 100/1 or worse.

Florida 5/1 
Indiana 13/2 
Michigan 13/2 
Duke 17/2 
Kansas 17/2 
Louisville 19/2 
Arizona 15/1 
Gonzaga 18/1 
Miami 18/1 
Michigan State 20/1 
Syracuse 20/1 
Ohio State 25/1 
Kentucky 28/1 
North Carolina State 30/1 
Butler 33/1 
Pittsburgh 35/1 
Creighton 40/1 
Minnesota 40/1 
UCLA 40/1 
UNLV 40/1 
Cincinnati 50/1 
North Carolina 50/1 
Oklahoma State 50/1 
VCU 50/1 
Wisconsin 50/1 
Missouri 60/1 
New Mexico 60/1
Georgetown 66/1 
San Diego State 66/1 
Wichita State 66/1 
Illinois 75/1 
Mississippi 75/1 
Oregon 75/1 

As you can see, total clusterfudge.The always unpredictable tourney is sure to live up to its reputation this year, and it's not very fiscally responsible to place one of these future wagers. Rather, we prefer to use it as a reference when picking against the spread as a gauge on how much the bookmakers factor in homecourt advantage or other various factors into their lines when two top teams are involved.

But, hell, if we're making a pick, give us the Dukies at 17/2, only because we don't know any better.

For those who haven't been spending the last two weeks looking at Super Bowl prop bets and have found a little more time for college ball, who you got? Hit us on twitter @stocklemonblog and let us know. Because, seriously, we don't know.