Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Super Bowl XLVII (47) Prop Betting Results

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Well, we didn't see that coming. The Ravens defeated the 49ers in the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII (47) Sunday, with mixed results for our prop bets. We have a running list of prop bet results below:

The Coin Toss/Flip

The Ravens won the toss with the call of heads and elected to defer.

The Gatorade Shower

None that we saw, and of course "none" is not offered. Should be for close games like this. 

Alicia Keys' National Anthem

This went way over. We clocked 2 minutes 21 seconds after the first "brave" was uttered, which is when the clock stops. She added a repeat of the final line, which is why you'll see some people clock her upwards of 2:30+, but that's inaccurate. Still, we lost this horribly.

Also, the repeated line at the end counts as "added words," though she didn't omit any words. 

Beyonce's Halftime Show

She came out wearing black and was not joined by Jay-Z. Her hair was kind of curly but definitely not crimped. We think we won this one.

The Super Bowl MVP

Joe Freaking Flacco, Super Bowl MVP. Jacoby Jones might not agree, but as we always say, go with the quarterback of the team you think will win. Quarterbacks own this award.

The MVP Thank You

As we mentioned, the MVP doesn't have the time to thank anyone. Jim Nantz asked Flacco one question, and it wasn't phrased in a way that often lends to thank yous unless the player goes out of his way. He mentioned the fan support, but didn't "thank" them. 

The Harbaugh Brothers

Several things here: Once again, despite our own advice, we got suckered into one. We bet the over on Jack Harbaugh sightings, and of course, it was less. Stupid, stupid, stupid, He was only shown once. We also went under on Harbaugh mentions--and were wrong! The name was uttered 30 times (over 21 1/2).

Other than that, Jim Harbaugh was both shown first and mentioned more, as we predicted, and the game wasn't referred to as the HarBowl, SuperBaugh, HarSuperBowl, HardyHarHarBowl, or any combination thereof.

Lastly, the postgame handshake lasted about four seconds, less than the over/under of six. Just enough time for an "I love you" on one side and a "Congrats" on the other.

President Obama's Pick

As far as we know, Obama didn't make a pick. No action. 

The Arrested Player

Of course none of the participating players were arrested over the last week. Come on.

The Dow Jones Result

Down goes Dow! For the fifth time in six years, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped on the Monday after the Super Bowl, by nearly a full percent this time around. Welcome back, economy!

Looking forward to next year's Super Bowl, our biggest piece of advice is this: when you see the prop bet offered asking "Will the power go out at any point during the game," please don't bet yes.

Other than that, we're trying to put a bow on the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII (47) and start dreaming about next year's football season. Such a long, long ways away.