Thursday, January 3, 2013

Free NCAA Football Bowl Picks Are 7-0-1 in the Last Three Days; Fiesta Time

We don't know what's going on, but we appreciate the fact that our shitty Free NCAA Football Picks are being made to look slightly less shitty as a result of a late surge in the last three days.

We're still undefeated in the new year, which we will milk while we can (3-0-1), and are 7-0-1 in the last three days. Don't get too excited; our Free NCAA Football Picks are only 15-10-2 in the postseason, so we'll let you do the math on their performance prior to these last three strange days.

We should have seen this coming: false hope to dissuade us from giving up on college football. We simply don't want as much and aren't as invested in the college game as we used to be, and our picks have suffered as a result. We've substituted quantity over quality this year, and who would have thought, it hasn't worked.

Whether we continue to bet the college game beyond this season is still up in the air, so of course the gambling gods bring us a little win streak and short term gains now for the long term benefit of the bookies--should we be persuaded to continue throwing our money at the NFL's minor league.

Anyway, we have a Fiesta Bowl pick today, so let's get to it.

Kansas State +8 1/2 over Oregon

Like another dog today just before Chip Kelly bolts for the pros. And, hey, if we lose, at least we have an excuse not to bet on college football anymore.