Monday, December 3, 2012

Winning Weeks For Both Free NFL and Free NCAA Football Picks

Our Free NFL Picks have been good; our Free NCAA Football Picks have not been good. This weekend neither were particularly spectacular, but we did post winning records in both--something that has been all too rare this season (which will happen when, you know, you NEVER have winning weeks in the college game.

Our hope is to catch our stride in bowl season and the NFL playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. As you know, we do up Super Bowl prop betting pretty big here, and if you are one of the thousands of people bet on Super Bowl prop bets, you know where to find us. In the meantime, check this site for Super Bowl odds.

Let's get to the good news first in terms of our year-to-date records. After a ho-hum 1-1-1 week, we pushed another this week in a relatively uneventful 2-1-1, getting covers from the Eagles and Rams, a push from the Vikings, and missing on the Buccaneers.

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 2-5
Week 2: 3-2
Week 3: 0-0
Week 4: 1-2
Week 5: 5-1
Week 6: 3-1
Week 7: 3-2
Week 8: 1-3
Week 9: 4-0
Week 10: 2-1
Week 11: 4-0
Week 12: 1-1-1
Week 13: 2-1-1
Total: 30-19-2 (61%)

In college, the picture is far less rosy. For just the third week ALL SEASON, we won more than we lost, but went just 3-3 on Saturday after a promising 1-0-1 start Friday. Our year-to-date is "up" to a pathetic 43%, and we are still having a hard time believing how this season has played out.

Free NCAA Football Picks
Week 1: 4-3
Week 2: 0-4
Week 3: 4-4
Week 4: 0-0
Week 5: 0-2
Week 6: 2-4
Week 7: 5-8
Week 8: 4-4
Week 9: 3-4
Week 10: 5-5
Week 11: 3-2
Week 12: 1-4
Week 13: 5-6
Week 14: 4-3-1
Total: 40-53-1 (43%)

As always, we'll try to do better next week, though we're limited to the Army/Navy game in college next week. Maybe that's a good thing.