Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh My God It's Already Week 14 Free NFL Picks (61% YTD)

We've been riding the dogs for most of the year, and we've got another crop of them this week. We were torn on so many games this week, but ultimately feel comfortable with the following three and a Monday Night favorite:

Titans +6 over the Colts

Ravens +3 over the Redskins

Panthers +3 1/2 over the Falcons 

Patriots -3 1/2 over the Texans

Our thoughts:

Just feels like a trap game for the Colts. Then again, all of their games have felt this way and they keep winning. Plus the Titans are horrible. Unless they're awesome. They're usually horrible. Either way, think it's close. 

Like the better team getting three points in what is not far from a home game. Skins are hot, but not many opportunities for Ravens +3.

Something has to give sometime for Atlanta, doesn't it?

Tough to turn down the Texans getting points, but it's December and it's the Patriots. Chance to grab them at as a low favorite.

Also, we were so very close to pulling the trigger on Vikings +3 over the Bears, but are holding off. Love home dogs and the Bears have been struggling, but don't entirely trust the Vikes today. 

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