Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 11 Free NFL Picks (6-1 in Last Two Weeks)

Our Free NFL Picks have been decent this year, but compared to our college picks, they've been unbelievable. As always, we're trying to wash a horrible taste out of our mouth from Saturday with a good Friday. Our Free NFL Picks are 59% on the year and 86% in the last two weeks. Four picks this week: 

Browns + 9 1/2 over the Cowboys

Buccaneers -1 over the Panthers

Packers -3 over the Lions

Steelers +3 1/2 over the Ravens

Nearly pulled the trigger on the Cardinals +9 1/2 over the Falcons, now that the Falcons are off their high horse. Had too many nightmares about the game ending in a 10-point Atlanta win, a number we could have gotten earlier in the week.

As for the rest, the Browns have been in some dogfights this year and won't go easily in Dallas, where the Cowboys haven't had a stellar home field advantage. The Bucs are lightyears better than Carolina, and we like the Packers out of a bye, especially now that it's come down from -3 1/2. We're also backing Pittsburgh and the steady Byron Leftwich. Basically, anytime you can get more than a field goal on either Baltimore or Pittsburgh in one of those matchups, you should. Physical football.