Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 CFL Grey Cup 100 Prop Bets: The Canadian Anthem, the Justin Bieber Halftime Performance and the Viewership

The 100th Grey Cup will be played today between the Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts, and we're treating the game as a mini-version of the Super Bowl. It is, after all, Canada's version of the Super Bowl, and Canada is, after all, a mini-version of America (we kid, we kid).

For the uninformed, our Super Bowl prop bets are the only thing keeping us semi-legitimate, as it's the one time of year when we actually put forth much of an effort on the blog side of our operations. It's also the only time of year when we don't resort to pictures of scantily clad women to drive traffic. Well, at least almost some of the time.

Grey Cup 100 (#GC100 for the twitter users; also for the twitter users, follow us @stocklemonblog) is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate a dry run of what you can expect from us during the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII (47), or #SB47, excitement. 

With that, let's take a look at a few Grey Cup proposition wagers to consider in today's game.

First and foremost, just like the National Anthem before the Super Bowl, you can bet on the length of the Canadian Anthem prior to the Grey Cup, sung this year by Burton Cummings of The Guess Who fame. Interesting note: the last time the Stamps and Argos met in the Grey Cup was the 79th variation of the game back in 1991. Canadian Anthem singer: Burton Cummings.

How long will it take Burton Cummings to sing the Canadian National Anthem at the 100th Grey Cup?
OVER/UNDER 1 minute, 12 seconds

As we do with the Star Spangled Banner before the Super Bowl, we turn to Youtube for help on this prop. While the vast libraries of Youtube don't include Cummings belting out "Oh Canada" at the 79th Grey Cup, we found a gem from that same year at a Winnipeg Jets game (NHL? What's that?):

Note that Cummings starts singing the Anthem (which is when the clock begins) at 1:40 in the clip until 1:52, a 1:12 rendition. Another example is from two years later, in 1993, when he once again plays the keyboard and transitions smoothly from the American to Canadian Anthems (which he won't be doing today).

We'd apologize for making you sit through the American version as well, but the whole thing is just so damn perfect that you should be thanking us instead.

In this next clip, he begins at 3:15 and sings until 4:29, a total of 1:14 seconds.

It's going to be tight, but we'd recommend taking the over because a. he's gone over before and b. the large stage tends to add time rather than to subtract. The safe bet is to go OVER 1 minute, 12 seconds on Burton Cummings' Canadian Anthem. 

Another 'propular' (see what we did there?) aspect to the game will be the halftime performance, particularly this year. Somehow, they Grey Cup halftime show will feature all three of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and SLB favorite Gordon Lightfoot. Naturally, Bieber Fever has spread to the betting world and much of the attention is focused on Biebs.

Don't Belieb us? Here's a sampling:

Will Justin Bieber be wearing a shirt with sleeves during the first song of his halftime performance. If Justin Bieber does not wear a shirt, apologies on behalf of Canada, and all wagers are void. 
Yes (Sleeves) -120 
No (No Sleeves) -120 

Will Justin Bieber be wearing silly glasses at any point during his halftime performance. For the purposes of this wager, it will be assumed, that if Bieber wears any glasses, they will be silly. 
Yes (Silly Glasses) -106 
No (No Silly Glasses) -130 

Will Justin Bieber address the 'Haters' at any point during his CFL Grey Cup Halftime show. Simply showing up does not equate to addressing the 'Haters', he must use the specific word 'Haters' for Yes to be graded a win. 
Yes (Addresses the Haters) +500 

These props can all be found at Sports Interaction, and we must say we appreciate the humour (Canadian spelling) in their descriptions. That said, take those funny comments to heart. It might matter that Bieber not wearing a shirt voids the bet, because hell, he might not. Take that into account when deciding if he's going to exercise his right to the second amendment (right to bare arms).

Bieber wears a lot of vests and tank tops, but we think he goes a little more formal for the halftime show and wears some crazy jacket of some kind. Weather won't be a factor at the Rogers Center (otherwise sleeves for sure), but our hunch is that he does cover up those scrawny arms. Give us Yes on Sleeves at -120.

The second prop, as it is clarified, asks if Bieber will at all wear glasses during his performance, and glasses of any kind. Those hipster weirdo no-lens glasses are all the rage amongst terrible artists these days, so we're going Yes on Silly Glasses at -106 as well. Hopefully he wears them long enough for the wager to count before Gordon Lightfoot punches them off his face. 

Lastly, go No on the Haters bet, meaning don't bet Yes. Our rule, as always, is never to bet on props that only give you one option. They are the definition of sucker bets. We've seen it countless times in the Super Bowl, so don't let the Grey Cup rope you in.

Finally, just like in the Super Bowl, there's great intrigue over the game's viewership. Here's the prop bet from Bovada:

Will more than 4.6 million viewers watch the 100th Grey Cup? 
Yes -400
No +300 

This one is a slam dunk for Yes -400, and we're surprised they settled on 4.6 million--which is why you'll pay in juice. Last year's game between British Columbia and Winnipeg, the third (Vancouver) and ninth largest TV markets in Canada, drew 4.6 million viewers. This year? The top market (Toronto) is hosting the game and has their team in it, while Calgary is the sixth largest market, trumping Winnipeg. And forget Canada; Toronto is huge! It's the fifth largest market in North America

Add to that the fact that The Biebs is involved in any way, shape or form, and we wouldn't be surprised if the ratings doubled this year (not really, but it will be more than last year). 

To recap, we'll take the OVER on the Canadian Anthem--which will be fantastic either way, we'll take Bieber to wear glasses AND sleeves, and we'll take OVER 4.6 million people tuning in.

Of course, there are several "real" prop bets as well, like who will score first and which team will have more yards and yada yada yada. But nevermind all that. These crazy prop bets are what we're all about here at Stock Lemon, and you can expect more of the same three months from now in the Super Bowl.

Oh, and as for who we think will win Grey Cup 100? You can find that here. But it's all about the prop bets in the 100th Grey Cup today. Happy prop betting, eh?