Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Super Bowl XLVI (46) Prop Bet: The Madonna Halftime Show

Leading up to the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI (46) between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, we'll be taking a look at Super Bowl proposition betting, or more specifically, the fun or ridiculous Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) prop bets that you hear so much about. That includes props on the Super Bowl coin toss, Super Bowl halftime show (Madonna), the Super Bowl National Anthem (Kelly Clarkson), the Super Bowl Gatorade Shower dump and much more. Follow along on the Super Bowl sidebar to the right and follow us on twitter @stocklemonblog!

There are three things that make the Super Bowl the even that it is, the one that appeals to every group of people in some way shape or form. The obvious, at least for us, is gambling. Anytime the casual fans get involved in gambling, it only means good things for line movements and bookies. Secondly, the commercials, which now sell for something like three billions dollars per second. It's the one time of year when people are actually watching a program in anticipation of commercials, rather than DVR-ing through them. Lastly, it's the halftime show, which brings the entertainment industry in full force to what might otherwise just be another Sunday to the oblivious folks in Hollywood.

Let's roll two of those three things into one and talk about gambling on the Halftime Show. There are several prop bets relating to Madonna's highly anticipated performance this year. To prepare you, we'll show you this interview that is among the least informative in the history of pre-Super Bowl halftime show interviews.

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OK, now that you know what Madonna looks like these days (since that's all there really is to gather from that piece, you're ready to go.

What color will Madonna's hair be when she begins the Super Bowl Halftime show?
Blonde -400
Any other color +250

It's boring, and perhaps we are underestimating Madonna's craziness in her older age, but we think the signature blonde beauty sticks with what works in the hair department, even at the -400 juice, which pretty much makes this a stay-away prop. We'll bet it, just because that seems to be the right approach this time of year, but we won't win much off of it. We also aren't going to lose it, as we're confident the +250 is a complete sucker bet, but it isn't totally worth that tiny ounce of risk and doubt at -400.

Will Madonna be wearing fishnet stockings at any point during the Super Bowl Halftime show?
Yes -120
No -120

Madonna loves her fishnet stockings, a signature of her rise to fame in the 80s, but will she sport them in her 50s in front of millions of viewers? Considering the amount of wardrobe changes she'll probably make, we'll go with yes at -120, predicting that she'll reveal them at the very end of the performance--we'll see if she reveals anything further than that, if you catch our tit DRIFT we mean drift.

Will Madonna wear an NFL Jersey or shirt at any point during the Super Bowl Halftime show?
Yes +250
No -400

Like a prayer is what you'll need if you bet yes on this one, which by default means we're going no, although it's another bet we wouldn't ordinarily take at -400. Madonna can hardly be called a football fan and likely doesn't even know who is playing in this game.

Will Madonna wear a hat at any point during the Super Bowl Halftime show?
Yes +110
No -150

This one is a tough one, but we're going to stick with no at -150. Madonna is very particular about that aforementioned blonde head of hair atop her head, no way she ruins it with a hat for a part of this performance. Note, though, that this does include any type of head covering whatsoever. Still, no.

What will Madonna be using to start the Super Bowl Halftime show?
Headset -200
Handheld Microphone +150

We know there's been a lot of talk about her flying in on some wires or something crazy to start the show due to the Cirque du Soliel involvement, but Madonna is an old-school, mike in hand kind of performer. It almost serves as a prop (word of the day) in her performance. We like the +150 odds and the chance to get a good return on this prop.

Typically, props pertaining to the set list and guest appearance list pop up in the halftime show betting hoopla, but many of those details seem to have been leaked. If you find them, rumor has it that M.I.A., Nicki Minaj and maybe even LMFAO will join Madonna in the worst kept secret in Super Bowl Halftime Show history.

And, oh yeah, someone also mentioned that the Patriots and Giants will be there to play a football game. Don't worry, we'll bet on that, too.